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Birth control is a basic need, but access to it isn’t always easy. Get birth control online through Zealthy, all from the comfort of your home.

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I don't have health insurance, so I used to pay $60 monthly for birth control. Now it's only $15 every month through Zealthy! Could not be more grateful. And the medical provider and delivery are FREE!

Ellie, Santa Cruz

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I had no idea it was possible to get birth control so quickly and affordably. Not to mention, it's literally delivered to my door. Mind absolutely blown 🤯

Lisa, Los Angeles

I discovered Zealthy online, and it is so easy to use. From signing up to getting my birth control prescription only took a few minutes. Plus they delivered my meds to my home super quickly! I finally feel someone created a product that exactly caters to me and what I need/want.

Amanda, Orlando

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Choose your birth control or speak to a licensed provider within 24 hours to discuss options. Zealthy also offers affordable emergency contraception at $30!

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Are you tired of taking time off work, speaking to disinterested medical providers, and waiting in line at crowded pharmacies?

We make getting contraception 100% hassle-free.

100% convenient birth control

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the many benefits beyond pregnancy prevention

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Why get birth control online?

Even though you may be used to getting birth control through your doctor’s office, we can offer the same option(s) faster and more conveniently. We’re your birth control one-stop shop with 24/7 support, free shipping, and on-time refills. We value your time, so we save you time.

What types of birth control does Zealthy offer?

We offer over 100 forms of birth control—from name brand to generic, pills to the vaginal ring. We’ve got you covered!

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