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Zealthy offers prescription treatments because we know over-the-counter products often just don't cut it. We prescribe what is right for you and your unique skincare concerns, whether it's acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, or fine lines & wrinkles.

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"As a teen with bad cystic acne, having clear skin really matters a lot to me. Going to the dermatologist was expensive before I found Zealthy a few months and it's been nothing but affordable and helpful. My skin's really cleared up and even some of the scarring has started to go away! And signing up only took like 5 minutes - and it was only $20 for a dermatology visit that was fully online. If anyone else is considering getting help, I really recommend Zealthy!"

Sammie, Oceanside, CA

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I've been trying to get my rosacea under control for years but I feel like I've finally seen a shift with Zealthy. It's been a few weeks now and my redness has reduced a lot. I feel so much more confident. My provider checks in with me and we stay on top of any changes that I notice. Honestly, it's really cool that I can get prescription treatments for my rosacea without trekking to a dermatologist's office or dealing with long referral times.

Connor, Orlando

My skin's never looked better since I found Zealthy. And it is so EASY.  I save money with my monthly medication order and now I don't have to spend time running between my derm and the pharmacy (it was just $20 to sign up!). I get my meds delivered and I can message with my doctor from home... this is the most convenient treatment I've ever had.

Linda, Anaheim
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Our results speak for themselves

Easiest and most affordable way to get a dermatologist to help with your skin! I used to have hormonal acne that showed up every month. I get this super awesome personalized spironolactone formula delivered to my home monthly, and it WORKS! So now I don't worry about my skin or trying to find another doctor. 

Sophia, San Mateo

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Personalized Skincare Treatments

After your $20 online dermatology consultation, you'll receive a customized prescription treatment plan for your skin. You'll only be prescribed what you need.


Treninoin Formula



Topical Treatments

Oral Treatments

Prescription-strength creams, gels, and lotions decrease bacteria to treat your skincare concerns. These topical treatments can help with clogged pores, acne, rosacea, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation.

When used together with topical treatments, these tablets and capsules help produce better results. These medications get rid of acne-producing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and target hormonal breakouts.

Tretinoin + Clindamycin Formula

Tretinoin + Spironolactone + Tranexamic Acid Formula

Tretinoin + Spironolactone + Clindamycin Formula

Clindamycin + Benzoyl Peroxide Formula

Spironolactone + Clindamycin Formula

Azelaic Acid Formula

Metronidazole Formula

Tazarotene Formula

Hydroquinone Formula


Sodium Sulfacetamide Sulfer Formula

Adapalene Formula

• Three-month supply of your prescription-strength formula

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• Customized solutions for your unique skin

• Online dermatology visit

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