I started semaglutide at the recommendation of my Zealthy provider and I'm so happy with that decision. I signed up for their weight loss program and they've been giving me everything I need to make better lifestyle choices to get results that last. And the program's super affordable. 10/10 I can't recommend this enough.

Michael, 37 | Lost 29 pounds

Getting support a weight loss program has always been hard for me. I had been wanting to start one with a medication component for a while and Zealthy was the first one that made it easy for me with weight loss shots sent to me. They made it SO affordable and the medical team is great.

Susanne, 60 | Lost 33 pounds

Our results speak for themselves

This program really works! Zealthy offers medical/pharmaceutical support (I'm taking semaglutide shots that are sent right to my house!) and coaching. I'm down 45 pounds already - I CANNOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS! They are incredible. 

Crystal, 41 | Lost 45 pounds

Real patients. Real reviews. Real results.

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How it works

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Affordable, easy-to-use care at your fingertips

Answer some questions to see if you're eligible

Tell us more about yourself and confirm that you are eligible for our clinically effective Zealthy Weight Loss Program!

Your provider will review your responses

Complete your medical intake and a Zealthy provider will get back to you about treatment options, such as semaglutide. Get matched with a coach who will help you develop a personalized plan for your weight loss. Message with your provider and coach anytime.

Get GLP-1 medication, such as semaglutide, affordably

Our coordinators work closely with you to get your medication covered, reducing the price of semaglutide from $1,349 to roughly $25 /month. No insurance? We'll work to ship you medication for as little as $151/month.

With or without insurance

Receive GLP-1 medications at an affordable price with or without insurance.

Care Coordinator

Dedicated care coordination to support your success on your weight loss journey.


GLP-1 medications, with active ingredients semaglutide or tirzepatide,  have proven effective for weight loss.

Prescription Care

If appropriate, your clinician might prescribe FDA-approved medications like semaglutide or other GLP-1s.

Insurance Coordinator

Our coordination team helps you maximize your insurance coverage for semaglutide or other GLP-1s.

Available w/o Insurance

No insurance coverage? Get affordable semaglutide (primary ingredient in Ozempic® & Wegovy®) at an affordable price.

Weight Loss Coaching

Choose a weight loss coach for unlimited messaging and support for your weight loss journey.

Nutrition & Fitness

Work with your coach to make sure you're optimizing your nutrition and fitness, in addition to medication as appropriate.

Track Progress

Your Zealthy team will work with you to track progress and adjust your plan as needed.

A new kind of 

weight loss program

How It Works

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Which medication is 
right for you?

With Insurance

Zealthy membership, including healthcare and coaching sold separately.

Without Insurance

Zealthy membership, including healthcare and coaching sold separately.

Online Weight Loss Prescriptions - With or Without Insurance

Our program pairs you with clinically effective GLP-1 medications covered by insurance. Zealthy also offers semaglutide, the active substance in Ozempic® & Wegovy®, and tirzepatide, active in Mounjaro®, at an affordable out-of-pocket price. 

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Thousands of Zealthy members are losing weight with GLP-1 medications

"Losing weight has always been a struggle for me. I used to be super active but once I stopped it was hard for me to keep any weight off. Zealthy's weight loss program and semaglutide (shipped to my home and WAY more affordable than other options) have been the most effective things I've tried to date. Now I have more energy to spend time with my family and I feel better about every aspect of my life."

Blake, Jacksonville, FL

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Individual results may vary.

"Tirzepatide and Zealthy have been for a game-changer in our weight loss journey. We started our weight loss journey together to have some accountability and feel better about ourselves. This program is the first time that we've been able to commit to the plan and we're seeing the results, and it's super affordable."

Miracle and Kristen, Los Angeles, CA

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Zepbound™ and Wegovy® are FDA-approved for weight loss. Ozempic® and Mounjaro® are FDA-approved for type 2 diabetes treatment, but may be prescribed off-label for weight loss at a healthcare provider’s discretion.  As an alternative to FDA-approved branded products, where appropriate, a provider may prescribe a compounded drug that is effective when prescribed off label for weight loss. Zealthy-sourced compounded drugs are prepared by a state-licensed sterile compounding pharmacy, however compounded GLP-1 medications themselves are not FDA-approved. Thoroughly review all warnings and essential safety information regarding these drugs.