Yes, our coordinators will work closely with you to get your medication covered, reducing the price from $1,349 to roughly $25/month if we are successful with brand name medications. We will collect all of the information we can about you to ensure that we can optimize your chances of having your prior authorization approved to have your medication covered by insurance, and then our insurance coordination team will work hard to follow up and ensure that your insurance company makes an informed decision about coverage. Even if you don’t have insurance or your insurance won’t approve these medications, we offer semaglutide, the active ingredient in Wegovy, and tirzepatide, the active ingredient in Zepbound.

Remember that you must have an active weight loss membership with Zealthy to have an active prior authorization to have GLP-1 medication covered by insurance with Zealthy. This is because your healthcare provider must be able to monitor your treatment plan for its entire duration so that you can achieve lasting weight loss.

We’re dedicated to ensuring you reach your weight loss goals! We’ll submit up to 3 prior authorization requests on your behalf. Many Zealthy members will start on compound GLP-1 like semaglutide or tirzepatide, while they wait to hear from their insurance regarding their prior authorization status. Get started here.

The prior authorization (PA) process starts before you start your treatment, which may be a GLP-1 medication like Ozempic or Wegovy. As a Zealthy Weight Loss member, you have a Coordinator who will file a prior authorization to your insurance. This is paperwork that your care team sends to your insurance company to request coverage for a medication.

Yes, we do accept HSA/FSA cards as a form of payment. You can update your payment method here.

Weight Loss FAQs

Zepbound™ and Wegovy® are FDA-approved for weight loss. Ozempic® and Mounjaro® are FDA-approved for type 2 diabetes treatment, but may be prescribed off-label for weight loss at a healthcare provider’s discretion.  As an alternative to FDA-approved branded products, where appropriate, a provider may prescribe a compounded drug that is effective when prescribed off label for weight loss. Zealthy-sourced compounded drugs are prepared by a state-licensed sterile compounding pharmacy, however compounded GLP-1 medications themselves are not FDA-approved. Thoroughly review all warnings and essential safety information regarding these drugs.

Online Weight Loss Prescriptions – With or Without Insurance

Our program pairs you with clinically effective GLP-1 medications covered by insurance. Zealthy also offers semaglutide, the active substance in Ozempic® & Wegovy®, and tirzepatide, active in Mounjaro®, at an affordable out-of-pocket price.

We help you lose weight by pairing revolutionary medication with coaching, care, and healthy lifestyle changes to make it last.

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You've received approval for treatment – what's the next step of your journey?

After Zealthy prescribes weight loss medication, you'll receive detailed instructions about dosage, potential side effects, and safe usage. Zealthy will closely monitor your progress, adjusting your treatment plan as needed. Alongside medication, you'll receive guidance on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to enhance effectiveness. 

Regular check-ins with healthcare professionals ensure your safety and address any concerns. Throughout, Zealthy provides support and resources for sustainable weight loss.

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Here's how Zealthy helps you get your medications

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Collaborating with your insurance provider

Zealthy collaborates with your insurance to ensure smooth access to prescribed medications, handling verification, authorization, and pharmacy coordination to minimize costs and streamline the process.

Check your medication options

Should your insurance provider decline coverage for a particular medication, Zealthy may suggest alternative options to ensure you receive the necessary treatment.

Discover options to help you begin your journey

If your insurance doesn't cover a prescribed medication, Zealthy will help explore options. If needed, we'll assist with alternative payment solutions.

Arrange for your prescription to be sent to your pharmacy for fulfillment

Should your pharmacy experience shortages due to national supply issues, you'll be added to their waitlist. Our concierge team will then regularly follow up with your pharmacy to monitor the status of your prescription.

How It Works

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1. Answer a few questions to get started

Tell us more about yourself so we can personalize your treatment options to your needs.

2. Your provider will review your responses

Your medical provider will review your intake and determine the best weight loss treatment plan, which may include GLP-1 medication

3. Get treated, affordably

Zealthy accepts most insurance providers for a wide array of care conditions. We also offer home delivery on most medications.