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Discover the success stories of countless individuals achieving their weight loss goals with GLP-1 medications.

Listen to real members of the Zealthy Weight Loss Program, who generously shared their journeys with Zealthy. Please note that these members were compensated for sharing their stories.

After sharing more information to see if you’re eligible, the Zealthy Care Team will provide a personalized plan to ensure you lose weight once your online consultation is completed which may include GLP-1 medication and coaching. If GLP-1 medication, such as Zepbound, Wegovy, or Mounjaro, is prescribed, our coordination team can work with you to get your medication covered by insurance. We also have affordable options for GLP-1 medications if your insurance does not cover the medication or if you don’t wish to insurance; specifically, as a Zealthy weight loss member, we can ship semaglutide, the main active ingredient in Wegovy and Ozempic, or tirzepatide, the main active ingredient in Mounjaro and Zepbound, directly to your home. You will be matched with a coach and you will have access to unlimited online messaging to make sure your Zealthy weight loss plan is working. Get started here.

We have a limited time offer of $86 off your first month as a Zealthy weight loss member, which is only $49. The typical program cost is $135/month. This includes a medical provider to help you with GLP-1 medication if medically appropriate, including refills and dosage updates over time. Your membership also includes a dedicated coach to support you on your weight loss journey.

Yes, memberships are charged every month on the same day of the first membership charge, but you can cancel any time. Many members receive a 20% discount on their membership for 2 months if they purchase the 3 month supply of compound GLP-1. We offer discounted quarterly, semi-annual, and annual memberships for members that are dedicated to their weight loss journey. Get started today

All our weight loss memberships are recurring, since it’s important to be under a provider’s care while on medication. You can cancel at any time.

Zealthy Weight Loss members can get 20% off if they purchase 3 month supplies of semaglutide (active ingredient in Wegovy) or tirzepatide (active ingredient in Zepbound). With Zealthy, you could pay as little as $151/month for semaglutide or as little as $216/month for tirzepatide. It’s important to be under a provider’s care when on medication, so we’re offering an additional 20% off on member’s next 2 months of membership. Get started here.

Weight Loss FAQs

Zepbound™ and Wegovy® are FDA-approved for weight loss. Ozempic® and Mounjaro® are FDA-approved for type 2 diabetes treatment, but may be prescribed off-label for weight loss at a healthcare provider’s discretion.  As an alternative to FDA-approved branded products, where appropriate, a provider may prescribe a compounded drug that is effective when prescribed off label for weight loss. Zealthy-sourced compounded drugs are prepared by a state-licensed sterile compounding pharmacy, however compounded GLP-1 medications themselves are not FDA-approved. Thoroughly review all warnings and essential safety information regarding these drugs.

Limited Time Offer

$86 Off Your First Month

Access clinically effective GLP-1 medications covered by insurance through our program. Additionally, Zealthy provides affordable options for semaglutide, found in Ozempic® & Wegovy®, and tirzepatide, present in Mounjaro®, even without insurance coverage.

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How the Program Works

How much does the program cost?

We break the Program into two parts to make sure your treatment plan is tailored to you. 

Medication and Health Consultation

Program membership and Medication

What's Included
$86 Off Your First Month

• Provider consultation

• GLP-1 prescription (if appropriate)

•Insurance Coordinator

• Ongoing care & support

•Tools to track progress

Get Started

Get started for just $49

Online health assessment
Medical review by a Zealthy Provider
GLP-1 prescription if appropriate
Insurance Coordinator support
Rx sent to your selected pharmacy
Membership for just $135/Month
Monthly renewal of GLP-1 prescription
GLP-1 prescription if appropriate
Unlimited messaging with your provider to discuss side effects and medication dosage
Insurance Coordinator support
Rx sent to your selected pharmacy

Price Varies Monthly  

The price varies based on the medication and insurance coverage. We'll help you know what to expect.


In Stock

As low as $151/month

Pay Cash for 

Compounded GLP-1

What you need to know:

✓  It's semaglutide, the same active

 ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy

✓ Get medication & refills quickly

✓ Compounded in compliance with

 quality standards

Ships in 1-4 days after prescription

There may be shortages

Coverage Varies

Copays Vary

Try to use insurance for 

branded GLP-1

What you need to know:

✓ Your plan coverage and savings                 cards may help lower costs 

Patients may wait 30+ days for                  supply

Refill challenges may cause                        treatment gaps

as low as




as low as


With or without insurance

Receive GLP-1 medications at an affordable price with or without insurance.

15-20% Average Weight Loss

Medications with the active ingredients semaglutide and tirzepatide have shown 15-20% average weight loss.


GLP-1 medications, with active ingredient semaglutide, are FDA-approved for type 2 diabetes and have proven effective for weight loss.